Sunday, March 19, 2006

Temporary (Insanity?) and a Thanks!

Well, silly me was all whimperin and biotchin bout havin to make a Blogger account to make a comment on Phil's blog...then my poor slow brain started to think and I realized that I am sitting here temporarily without a blog of my own while I search for a new domain host and new photoblog software (if anyone has any suggestions on what hosts and software work well, please leave a comment).

Now me, without a blog to wallpaper with my photos and without a place to babble babble babble is a scary thought. I've already posted novel-length comments on many blogs that I visit just to keep in form ;~)

Sooooo... until I get my own QuickSilver back up and runnin, I realized I can use this as a stop-gap to keep myself from going into bloggerwithdrawl...and to keep y'all from the horror of going without my lovely photos and witty reparte (coughcough ok ok so that was a "in what world" kinda comment but what the heck......this is My dream afterall...I'm allowed to dream Big *chuckle*)

Anyhoooo... thanks for the unintentional idea Phil, and thanks y'all for stoppin by again ...or for the first time...kick back, grab a glass of sweet iced tea, put your feet up and enjoy...

Oh, and I forgot to mention.....I love comments.......tis nice when people say howdy when they tiptoe throuh my dreams!


Blogger Phil said...

Hi Jessica- Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the comments too. Your pictures are beautiful. Where did you write Quiksilver before your blog here?

3:02 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

I was wondering what happened. Was able to read your last updates via your RSS feed. I would have commented but I had the kids in town and let everything slide.

You did something to your template/backend? as I was getting some php errors when I tried to visit your main blog. Please get a new hit counter when ya fix that. The Java one was giving me trouble sometimes. Try

The photoblog you mentioned in your last updates was a blogger blog. There are lots of blogger templates (third party designs) that are good for photos. I made my own though.

I'm subscribed to your new URL :-)

11:48 PM  
Blogger Sunny Delight said...

great photos, great wit, i will be back

8:14 AM  

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